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Monday, 22 March 2010

More ways to get auditions.

So I've mentioned The Stage and Spotlight, these are the two which I use most but there are other ways to get auditions for both stage and screen.

PCR (Production and Casting Report)
This is a weekly paper which can only be delivered or accessed online and costs around £22 per month. Not available to non-subscribers or in the shops/newsagents it provides more exclusive access to castings and potential job (PCR also provides details for crew positions). Separated into various sections, it provides casting breakdowns for the following areas of the industry: Motion Pictures, Low Budget Films, Student Films, Opportunities, Theatre, Television, Fringe/Profit Share. It also gives the names of the casting directors for the main television series' and comes with a 'Contacts' style book of contact details. Casting director for the major West End use PCR far more often than they do The Stage or even Spotlight! PCR gives the details for up and coming castings and productions and gives you the opportunity to submit yourself directly to the casting director for the chance to get a private audition.

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