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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Getting an audition...

I have to sart with the basics, there are a few things all new auditionees should know. Sorry to any audition regulars looking at the moment.

Ways to find auditions:

The Stage:
This newspaper/website is the absolute starting point for anyone starting on the audition scene. In the good ol' days you would buy it every Thursday, trawl through the audition pages and articles and it would be in the bin/recycling by Saturday. These days I don't buy it anymore, I use it's online facilities which are well organised, easy to find and simple to understand. All you need to do is register as a member (yes you have to do this all the time these days, but don't worry, they don't spam you endlessly), click on recruitment and you have access to all their auditions. You can also find there the obligaroty telesales-type day job, front of house positions, as well as backstage crew positions also. This service is free and you also have access to the articles, reviews and listings seen in the newspaper. Saves you a few quid each month if you're on a tight budget!

At approximately £130 per year this is expensive, but if you're serious about being a professional actor, dancer or performer then Spotlight is invaluble. Exclusively for graduates from accredited school/colleges, or those with more than 3 year professional experience, Spotlight is a tool for performers, agents and casting directors alike and is responsible for a large majority of castings in film, TV, advertising and theatre. In basic terms it's a book (or more like about 10 books now) and each person within has their own 1/2 page with a photo and details (note: this is not a full CV but basics like height etc) and agent's contact if they have one- but you don't need one to be in Spotlight. Every major casting director will have access to the Spotlight books or website and from this they can see photos of individuals for potential casting. Once a show or programme is up for casting, a casting director will use Spotlight to put out a casting breakdown to agents and performers. If you have an agent, the breakdowns will go directly to them, if you're self represented, you will get an email direct from Spotlight with the breakdown attached. Each breakdown will have the details of who/what is needed and if you think you are suitable you can apply for an audition or casting. This is the ideal way to get private auditions for the big shows if you don't have an agent. It's worked for me! You can creat your own CV on the Spotlight website so submitting yourself is just a click away! NEVER directly contact a casting director unless it's specifically stated in the breakdown to do so!!!

Spotlight is where having a good headshot is essential, check out John Clark to look at his work, and also read his tips on getting a good headshot which will help you fulfil your casting potential.


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